Hot Stove #233 – Rocky Mountain High – Baseball and Movies


On our way to Telluride for the film festival this year, Rita and I paused in Denver for two days so we could check off an item on our bucket list – a game at Coors Field.

Coors Field – Colorado Rockies: Coors Field is in the LoDo District (Lower Downtown) of Denver. The brick façade gives a good first impression, and the overall stadium deserves the high marks it gets in “best stadiums” lists. Continue reading

Hot Stove #105 – 2019 Telluride Film Festival

For the baseball/but-not-movie fans of Hot Stove, feel free to hit delete now. Otherwise…

For our 9th year in a row, Rita and I attended the Telluride Film Festival. We were joined by our friend Avie Sullivan who was attending Telluride for the first time. She did great – saw 17 films (Rita and I settled for 14, still enough to qualify for what Rita calls the “Sport of Extreme Sitting”). The weather was grand, sunny and ranging from the 50s to the 70s, so standing in line between movies was a pleasure.

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Hot Stove #52 – One Baseball Video Plus the Telluride Film Festival

For the seventh straight year, Rita and I spent Labor Day Weekend in Colorado at the Telluride Film Festival. Rita likes to call it our sport of extreme sitting. We were joined this year by long-time friend Marsha Murphy who now lives in Naples, Florida. As the festival ended and Hurricane Irma approached Florida, Marsha wisely changed her plane ticket and is now visiting friends in Kansas City.

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Hot Stove #35 – A Book Report and the Oscars

Image result for 1955 world series headlines this is next year

As you ponder who will start at second base for the Royals, I have a book to recommend plus some thoughts on the Oscars.


Wait Till Next Year: A personal memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin, one of my favorite storytellers. She is best known as a presidential historian with books on Lyndon Johnson, the Kennedys, the Roosevelts and Abraham Lincoln (Team of Rivals). I have had the good fortune to see her twice in person – at a Rainy Day Books event and at a law firm retreat. As a raconteur, she is mesmerizing. Rita was recently browsing through our stacks of books and found a gem that we had not read, that rare Goodwin book not about a president. It is about growing up as a baseball fan. I don’t how we missed reading this earlier – it was published in 1997. Our assessment: Great Book!

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