Charlie Hart – Political Insider

Charles Martin Hart II

[Excerpted from Hot Stove #185, posted on February 17, 2022.]

Charlie Hart – Political Insider: Charles Curry first won office as presiding judge in 1962 and was reelected in 1966. Curry was building a political organization, the Committee for County Progress (the CCP, occasionally referred to as Charles Curry’s Party). Charlie Hart became active in the CCP and helped Curry and his team win big in 1966, including victories for Alex Petrovic and Charlie Wheeler who joined Curry on the 3-judge county court. Below, Curry (middle) celebrating those victories with Alex Petrovic (left) and Charlie Wheeler. Continue reading

Joe Reres Tribute


Thanksgiving week is approaching. To Rita and me, this means we are close to the date of the birthday of Joe Reres. On November 27, Joe would have been 97. After Joe died on July 4, I assembled some thoughts about our time together. With Joe’s approaching birthday anniversary, this seems like a good time to share these memories. As you celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, please include a toast to Joe and Barbara.

Lonnie Continue reading