Hot Stove #131 – Royals All-Time Roster, Jerry Stiller/Frank Costanza and Three Birthdays

This is Day 63 of our self-quarantine (started St. Patrick’s Day, March 17). But we are no longer under Kansas City’s Stay-At-Home order which expired last Friday.

Going to stay at home anyway – we didn’t get any younger since this started and so remain in a high-risk category. I recommend an excellent primer on measuring risk for your activities – click here (but read your Hot Stove first and then come back to this). The good news – walking outside is virtually risk free. Whatever we do, let’s be careful out there (as Sgt. Esterhaus  would say). Continue reading

Hot Stove #129 – 75 Years Ago in Kansas City – Jackie Robinson’s First Opening Day; 50 Years Ago in Louisville – A Gonzo Kentucky Derby

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter S. Thompson ...

This is Day 49 of our self-quarantine and Day 42 of KC’s Stay-At-Home order (currently set to end on May 15).

If the baseball season had proceeded as planned this year, all MLB players would have worn #42 on April 15 – the 73rd anniversary of the date Jackie Robinson broke the color line in major league baseball.

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Hot Stove #124 – Baseball in the Time of a Stay-At-Home Order (Llamaste)

History Book | Baseball Hall of Fame

Rita and I are now at Day 14 of our…

Self-Isolation? Self-Quarantine? Social Distancing on Steroids. Shelter-in-Place. Chris Shanklin sent another idea from Naples (Florida, not Italy). House Arrest.

As of March 24, Mayor Quinton Lucas defined our current legal status. He issued a “Stay-At-Home” order for Kansas City and was joined by the surrounding counties. Continue reading