Hot Stove #140 – Brock Seaver Sachs and Angell


Last Thursday night, I had a dilemma. Rita and I were watching the Chiefs game, but my Twitter feed was telling me that Brady Singer had allowed no hits through six innings. Then seven innings. I switched channels to DVR the Royals game. Then back to football, but following the Royals on my phone. Two outs in the 8th – then a hit. Damn. But what an exciting night for KC sports fans.

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Hot Stove #139 – Yogi Berra – A Life Behind the Mask; Special Jukebox Edition – Political Campaigns

Casey Stengel, Billy Martin and the 1950s Yankees

I’ll start with a Yogi-ism. “If people don’t want to come out to the ballpark, nobody’s going to stop them.”

 This quote is from the 1960s, and Yogi was referring to the sagging attendance of the Kansas City A’s caused by Charlie Finley’s persistent efforts to relocate the A’s. Charlie got his wish and moved the team to Oakland in 1968. Continue reading

Hot Stove #133 – Black Lives Matter – Sports Edition

1963-Martin-Luther-King-Jackie-Robinson - KRUI Radio

I could stick to baseball. Or movies. Or music. But not right now.

I am going to talk about current events, but will set the stage with a Jackie Robinson story. In April and May of 1963, Martin Luther King was in Birmingham for civil rights demonstrations. Jackie Robinson was at home in New York and raising money to send to King to help finance the effort. After Robinson watched scenes of police brutality against non-violent protestors, he decided to go to Birmingham to visibly support King. Below, Robinson with King at the church rally where they spoke. Continue reading

Hot Stove #132 – Golf Diaries – Ruth, Kaat and Yogi

This is Day 73 of self-quarantine. And the beat goes on.

Many Hot Stove readers have escaped quarantine by playing golf – a game by its nature a form of social distancing. There have been some changes. Don’t touch the pin. No rakes in the sand traps. No clubhouse. One person per golf cart. Or in some places no carts, meaning you have to carry your clubs or roll them along on a wheeled gadget. As headlined in the Wall Street Journal: “We’re out of toilet paper, hand sanitizer – and golf pushcarts?” Google has documented that the top trending retail category last month was golf-bag accessories, and the most popular subtopics were golf pushcarts, golf pull carts and, selling on eBay at a premium, the Clickgear 4.0. Continue reading