Hot Stove (Relatively) Short – Broadway and the Tony Awards

Warning: Very little baseball here. So it won’t even have a Hot Stove number.

On Memorial Day weekend, the Yankees came to Kansas City. Rita I went to New York. We had very nice weather. KC was not so lucky. The Friday game was postponed because of rain, documented in this stunning shot by Royals staff photographer Jason Hanna (makes me think of Prince’s “Purple Rain”):

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Hot Stove #97 – Thank You Charles Curry, Alex Petrovic and Charlie Wheeler – Harry S. Truman Sports Complex


Charles Curry. Alex Petrovic. Charlie Wheeler. Three men – county administrative judges – who were instrumental in saving both major league baseball and pro football in Kansas City. The year was 1967. It was the 13th season for the A’s in Kansas City – it would also be their last. The Chiefs had moved from Dallas in 1963, but playing in a retrofitted baseball stadium was not going to work in the long run. These three men held the key.

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Hot Stove #96 – New York Mets Spring Training with Bill Wakefield, Sidd Finch and Bruce Springsteen

Image result for bill wakefield 42 photo

It’s April Fools’ Day. Delay reading this post at your peril.

I have previously written about Bill Wakefield, Sidd Finch and Bruce Springsteen. It’s time to connect the dots. This post is a little shorter than normal, so TL;DR should not be applicable (for those who don’t recall, that’s editor shorthand for too long; didn’t read).

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