Hot Stove Short – Vahe Gregorian, Seinfeld and the Royals Bullpen

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the Royals bullpen blew leads in two games with Minnesota. As with so many things in life, there is a Seinfeld bit to explain why.

Credit for picking up on this goes to sportswriter Vahe Gregorian who gave us this gem in this morning’s Kansas City Star:

“But with apologies to Seinfeld, well the game isn’t about taking a 6-3 lead. The most important part is holding the lead. That’s really the important part, the holding.”

I’ll let the video tell the rest of the story. Click here (2:10).

Image result for seinfeld rental car

Thank you Vahe.

Here’s hoping that the bullpen gets a chance for a save this afternoon in Detroit.

Go Royals!